5 Ways To Build Self Confidence

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Self confidence is beneficial to a healthy sense of self within each of us. But with today’s so called ‘standard of beauty’ and socially accepted ways of being that the media portray at our every turn, many lack confidence that they can live up to this expected standard.

Conformity and ‘fitting in’ is pushed on us and individuality is becoming threatening to those who are easily conformed. This world is full of leaders and followers and unfortunately, the leaders are the minority. It takes a lot of self confidence and perseverance to be a leader which everyone is capable of, but a lot of people find it easier to follow the paths set out before them by others in order for things to make sense to them and also to feel a sense of belonging. There is nothing wrong with this if they are truly happy with this as it might be right for them at the time.

But for people who want to pave their own way in life and break away from the ‘norm’, they are searching for something more and the push they need to take that first step. Often, they worry about what other people will think about them and the choices they make. This can often affect their self confidence and in many cases stop these people from moving forward in their chosen direction.

Below I have documented 5 ways to build self confidence. I have taken them from things I have learned from my own experiences, the experiences that others have shared with me and what I have learned through my research and studies. Only follow or try what resonates with you and leave what does not! There are many ways that we all can achieve our goals and personal aspirations. I hope these tips help in some way.

1: List all the things you like about yourself…
You can either write a list on paper/phone/computer etc… or simply make a list in your head. Read or remind yourself of this list as often as you can throughout each day. Think of all the things you have achieved, all that you have done that you are proud of and all the things you are good at.

2: Remind yourself of all the hard times you have overcome…
Think about all the situations in your past that you thought you would never overcome but you did! Think of what you did to get yourself through it and acknowledge how resourceful you actually are.

3: Ask your friends to tell you the things they like about you…
Get your friends to tell you what strengths they see in you and what they like about you most. This is always a good way to help give you a boost because often we become complacent about our qualities and it is nice to hear what our friends see in us.

4: Think about the level of confidence you want to have…
Imagine how you would carry yourself, what differences would there be in you compared to now?

5: Care about what YOU think…
Start to put the importance of your thoughts and feelings about yourself above other peoples thoughts and feelings about you. Although you do value your friends and family’s opinions, you need to value your opinion the most.

You are unique and no one else in the world can be you but you!

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